Hi, I’m Andrew Kerr, a Person-Centred counsellor based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

My Commitment

As a counsellor my passion and focus is ultimately on the experience of being human in all its richness and complexity and on seeking to deepen and explore that experience with others.  I am trained in the person-centered approach which means I aim to walk along side people as they explore rather than lead and to be alongside them in as warm, curious and engaged way as possible. 

As well as my training as counsellor my work is informed by a long relationship with and practice of mindfulness. As time goes on I feel increasingly confident that being human offers us in each moment the possibility of connection, fullfilllment and joy, that the door is always open.

There are hundreds of ways to bow down and kiss the earth

– Rumi


My journey to becoming a counsellor has been long and varied, via the study of religion and anthropology and many years working to support rough sleepers, drug and alcohol users and people affected by mental health problems.

Primary Approach

I am trained in the person-centred approach and believe first and foremost in creating a safe space for clients to get in touch with and build confidence in their own innate ability to identify what they need most at any moment, to make choices and to move forward in a way that feels increasingly free and self-directed.


I have supported people for over 30 years with a wide range of difficulties and struggles, including drug and alcohol addiction, relationship breakdown, sexual abuse, homelessness, anxiety and depression as well as more severe mental health issues such as schizophrenia, OCD and bi-polar disorder.


Whilst my work with people is ultimately person-centred I am also able to bring other skills to bear to meet indivudal needs. These include mindfulness-based stress management, CBT based relapse prevention, motivational interviewing and trauma-sensitive skills. I also have a a longstanding interest in writing and see journalling as a significant tool for some people in the process of healing and growth.

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